No-Bake Chocolate Praliné Tart

No-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartI love tarts so much, this combination of crunchy dough with a soft layer is wonderful. Many people avoid making tarts because of the fear of making the pastry dough, but the truth is that this is one of the easier doughs to make and if you follow the instructions there is no reason it won’t work.

No-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartAnd if you’re still interested in a shorter process, this recipe will suit you very well. This time, I decided to create a no-bake tart. The crust of the tart consists of cookie crumbs and butter, on top of the crust a homemade praliné paste and on top of all this a generous layer of dark chocolate ganache.

No-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartYou can read about the homemade praliné here and you can also make it easily, of course you can also buy praliné from the various chocolate companies, but there’s nothing like the one you make at home. By the way, in addition to the praliné layer between the crust and the chocolate ganache, I also added some praliné to the cookie crumbs. The praliné gives the crust a wonderful color and flavor.

No-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praline Tart
Tart ring/pan 20-22 cm in diameter

Butter Cookies and Praliné Layer:
200g butter cookie or Petit-Beurre crumbs
80g butter, melted
20g praliné paste, recipe inside

Praliné layer:
100g± praliné paste, recipe inside

Chocolate Ganache:
220g heavy whipping cream
200g dark chocolate 70%, chopped (or half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate)

1. Place the ring on a pan lined with parchment paper.
2. Butter cookies and praline layer: In a big bowl or in a food processor mix together cookie crumbs, melted butter and praliné.
3. Transfer crust mixture to the tart ring/pan and press crumbs evenly into the bottoms and up the sides.
4. Praliné layer: Spread the praliné paste on the crust.
5. Chocolate ganache: In a medium pot, heat the cream until almost boiling. Remove from heat and strain the cream into the bowl with the chocolate. Let the mixture sit for a minute before stirring. Using a spatula, slowly and gently begin to stir together the chocolate and cream. Keep the spatula in the center of the bowl, touching the bottom, without lifting it out, so that air bubbles aren’t incorporated in. You should be stirring slowly and carefully for a few minutes until you have a glossy ganache with no air bubbles. 
6. Pour the ganache into the crust. Cool to room temperature (if the room is warm, it’s better to chill in the refrigerator). The tart can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, but It’s best when fresh.
7. Cut into slices and enjoy 🙂

No-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartNo-Bake Chocolate Praliné TartBon-Appétit


  • 20 January 2022

    Hi Sharon,
    Just this week I made the recipe you posted for praline and it came out crazy delicious. You really saved me time debating for the weekend cake 😉
    I’ll make the tart that looks even more amazing from your marvelous photos
    Thank you 🙏

  • 25 March 2022

    Hey Sharon,
    Do you mean shortbread cookies by butter cookies? Would digestives work? Thanks!


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