Mega Truffle for Gali’s Birthday

Mega Truffle for Gali's Birthday“Hey Mom, what’s up?” I asked with an impatient smile. I didn’t wait for an answer and continued, “Are you listening? Gali, this friend who is coming to visit me during Sukkot, is not just a friend. I’m in love with her.” There was less than a second of silence before she said, “Now I want to get to know her. Now I understand why you are so happy.”

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקI’ve already told the love story of Gali and mine hundreds if not thousands of times and each time it excites me. Some people ask me to tell it over and over again, even though they already know it by heart, they want more and more of it.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקMaybe it’s the idea of dreams that come true, maybe it’s the courage, maybe it’s listening to the inner truth and maybe it’s the hope that someday we will all find true love.

טראפלס ענקIf you’ve already heard the story, you know that we were born on the same date 18.2 and also on the same Hebrew day. The dates, which usually meet every 19 years, also meet in our case even though the age gap between us is only 8 years. I’m not looking for explanations, I just know that love does sometimes fall from the sky.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקIt’s been 10 years since we started celebrating our birthdays together – 10 years of love that I never dreamed of, 10 years of happiness and excitement, struggles, successes, and failures.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקFrom the outside, it seems that our life is a fine praliné, and it’s really not far from the truth, but even praliné has fleur-de-sel and sometimes pieces of caramelized nuts that make it rough. So, yes, our life is like praliné, but remember that praliné is not always completely smooth either.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקEvery year, I think about what to make for Gali for our special day. This time, I decided to choose a dessert that she really likes, but to make it the most festive, I created it in a MEGA shape.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענק So please welcome the Mega Truffle for Mamush’s birthday – a huge truffle full of rum (you can, of course, also use other alcohol) that Mamush couldn’t stop eating.

טראפלס ענקטראפלס ענקMega Truffle for Gali’s Birthday
1 big truffle or 2-3 medium truffles

270g heavy whipping cream
380g dark chocolate 70%, chopped
60g butter at room temperature, cubed
30g Rum/Brandy/Grand Marnier
Cocoa powder

1. In a medium pot, heat the cream until it is almost boiling.
2. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate. Let the mixture sit for a minute before stirring. Using a spatula, slowly stir together the chocolate and cream until you have a glossy ganache.
3. Add butter and stir to make a smooth cream.
4. Add Rum and stir.
5. Pour the chocolate ganache into small half-sphere bowls covered with Saran wrap. Place them in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
6. Remove the bowls from the refrigerator. Remove the half-spheres from the bowls and press them together to form a ball. Roll the ball in your hands until you get a large, smooth ball, then roll it in cocoa powder.
7. Keep the truffle in an airtight container in the refrigerator and snack on it whenever you need something comforting.

I love you like all the truffles in the world, multiplied by all the cocoa in the world, multiplied by all the rum in the world, multiplied by all the cream in the world, multiplied by all the chocolate in the world, to the power of infinity. 🙂


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