Chocolate Balls and Coffee Ganache Ice Cream

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדIt’s hot in Paris. In the morning, when I run along the Seine, it’s still very pleasant. The cool breeze of 16-17 degrees caresses my face, mixing tears of joy with drops of sweat and the scent of freshly baked croissants in the early-morning air.

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדI absolutely love mornings in Paris. Its slow awakening never ceases to amaze me. During my run, I feel like the entire city belongs to me and a few other runners who I’ve become accustomed to seeing on my route. I enjoy acknowledging them with a quick nod as we pass each other, our heads focused on the hurried rhythm.

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדA few hours later, the temperature rises and the pleasant air transforms into a sweltering furnace inside the metro. As I make my way to our Culinary Tours, I gracefully wave my fan, channeling the spirit of 1950s Paris. I find myself gazing at the gentleman in front of me, impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, engrossed in his reading of “Le Monde,” seemingly oblivious to the stifling 30-degree heat in the air-conditioning-less metro.

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדBut I’m not complaining; Paris remains charming even in the midst of heat. It’s when the cold Monaco is served at the neighborhood bistro and the Apero hour stretches because the sun sets well past ten in the evening. The light dancing on the Seine is truly remarkable, the sunsets are nothing short of spectacular, and Gali’s refreshing iced latte brings immense comfort.

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדגלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדToday, I’ve prepared a delightful surprise to accompany her coffee—a two-ingredient ice cream featuring a rich coffee-chocolate ganache and delectable chunks of coffee-infused chocolate balls. What more could one ask for? Gali’s presence, a cozy home, a refreshing cold coffee, homemade ice cream, and the enchantment of Paris.

גלידת קפה וצ׳אנקים של כדורי שוקולדChocolate Balls and Coffee Ganache Ice Cream
25-30cm English Cake mold

Chocolate Ball Chunks:
110g dark chocolate, chopped
80g whole milk
50g butter
5g cocoa powder 
5g instant coffee
150g Petit-Beurre or butter cookies, chopped

Chocolate Coffee Ganache:
150g heavy whipping cream
10g instant coffee
250g white chocolate, chopped

Ice Cream:
500g heavy whipping cream
400g condensed milk

1. Chocolate Ball Chunks: In a small pot, melt all the ingredients except the biscuits together. Remove from the heat, pour the mixture over the biscuits, and stir. Transfer the mixture onto a baking paper and press it into a thick layer. Refrigerate for 1 hour, then remove from the fridge and cut into small cubes. Put them in the freezer.
2. Chocolate Coffee Ganache: In a medium pot, heat the cream and coffee until it’s almost boiling. Remove from heat and strain the cream into the bowl with the chocolate. Let the mixture sit for 2 minutes before stirring. Using a spatula, slowly and gently stir the chocolate and cream together. Stir for a few minutes until you have a glossy ganache. Set it aside.
3. Ice cream: In the bowl of a stand mixer, whip the cream until it holds stiff peaks. Gradually add the condensed and mix until the ice cream becomes soft and silky.
4. Add half the amount of ganache and half the amount of chocolate ball chunks to the ice cream, folding slightly to create a marbled look.
5. Pour half of the ice cream into the mold, lightly flatten it, and add a little bit of ganache and the chocolate ball chunks.
6. Cover it with the remaining ice cream, garnish it with the chocolate coffee ganache and the remaining chocolate ball chunks.
7. Freeze for at least 14 hours and enjoy 🙂



  • 22 June 2023

    It’s definitely a great time to start making ice cream and your recipe for such a rich coffee ice cream looks amazing – we didn’t even think about the idea of ​​making ice cream without a machine and it looks wonderful🙏💫
    Thank you Sharon


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