Chocolate Krembo Mousse

מוס קרמבוHaifa, the first drops of rain, the neighborhood begins to fill with small puddles, and the area under the house is full of children jumping in boots. I look out the window and see Yochai walking on Oren Street with his blue sweater, thinking to myself, what a joy winter is here.

מוס קרמבוWhen the autumn winds arrived in the new Romema neighborhood, they brought with them the Krembos. How we waited for those chocolate teacakes in Nash Nash. We would pass by after school, buy a pack of Lucky Luke cards and Krembo, or more accurately, Krembos. Krembo was the king of autumn and winter, a great comfort at the end of the school day.

מוס קרמבומוס קרמבוWhat do we eat first? The foam or the biscuit? I never liked the foam at all, only the biscuit. In first grade, we made important contracts among ourselves, Krembo contracts. I buy Krembo with a partner, I eat the biscuit, and the partner gets the foam. Did you have such agreements in your childhood?

מוס קרמבוKrembo is perceived by Israelis as an Israeli invention. This comforting sweet, so associated with Israel and childhood in the country, is actually originally from Denmark, but Israel is considered one of the leading consumers in the world of this chocolate teacakes.

מוס קרמבומוס קרמבוIn Paris, the Krembos usually arrive a few weeks before Christmas, when the Noël markets (Christmas markets) open. Stalls with all kinds of Krembos stand among hot mulled wine stalls, Christmas tree decorations, and roasted chestnuts. The variety of flavors and coatings is confusing: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nuts, coconut, strawberries, bananas, and more and more. The chocolate and foam of French Krembo taste better in my opinion than those of Israeli Krembo, but the biscuit, there’s no competition for the Israeli Krembo!

מוס קרמבוAnd since we’re staying in the current autumn in Israel, I decided to cook a Franco-Israeli dessert, a light chocolate mousse hiding Israeli Krembos inside. Of course, you can hide any Krembo you like in the mousse; I chose the mocha, Gali’s favorite.

מוס קרמבוChocolate Krembo Mousse
serving dish 22cm-17cm-8cm

6 krembos
200g dark chocolate 70%, chopped 
80g egg yolks (usually from 4 eggs)
155g egg whites (usually from 4 eggs)
15g caster sugar
250g heavy whipping cream

Optional decoration: 50g dark chocolate 70%, melted.

1. Arrange the krembos in a glass dish, it is recommended to “glue” them to the bottom with a drizzle of melted chocolate so they don’t float.
2. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie or in the microwave. Let it cool slightly.
3. Add the egg yolks and stir vigorously to prevent them from clumping.
4. Whip the egg whites and gradually add sugar, whipping until you get a stable foam, but not too stiff.
5. Transfer the egg whites to the chocolate mixture and fold until you get a uniform mass.
6. Whip the whipping cream until you get a stable foam, but not too stiff.
7. Gradually fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture until you get a mousse-like texture.
8. Pour the mousse over the krembos and refrigerate until serving. You can decorate with melted chocolate.
Tip It is recommended to prepare the mousse a day before serving.



  • 07 December 2023

    This dessert looks absolutely insane 😉
    We are addicted to the combination of chocolate and coffee and also really love Flødeboller and the combination of chocolate mousse with Flødeboller sounds extremely genius and it will be one of our Christmas desserts for sure…
    Thank you very much Sharon
    We are already impatient to meet you both in Paris

  • 09 December 2023

    Hi sharon! Look great!
    Any ideas how to do it without raw eggs?

  • 27 April 2024

    hi sharon
    want to do homemade krembo-
    where can i get or make the biscuit?


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