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Take the sweet journey off the pages and into reality

The Best Patisseries in Paris

Whether you let it lead you as you stroll the picturesque streets of the City of Light or guide you on a calorie-free armchair journey at home, my book is a great way to get to know Paris and its magnificent culture and history. I promise you a sweet adventure—one that you can even turn into reality. The book takes you behind the

scenes of the Parisian world of pastries and chocolate and introduces you to some of the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers. And to end on a sweet note, take it into the kitchen and try your hand at a small sample of classic French desserts thanks to recipes developed by acclaimed pastry chef Miki Shemo.

The book that will take you to the heart of the secrets of Parisian pastries

  • Where can you find the best lemon tart in Paris?
  • Which Japanese pastry chef introduced the French to matcha-flavored croissants?
  • Which royal mistress turned to chocolate to drown her grief?
  • Where can you taste the most “high-techy” and innovative desserts?
  • Where can you find the chocolates concocted by Marie Antoinette to help her deal with her headaches?


My book was published by LunchBox Press, which specializes in books that are both beautiful to look at and inviting to use. The LunchBox team is made up of first-rate professionals—writers, editors, photographers, and designers—who came together to cook up what they love best: books. LunchBox was launched in Tel Aviv in 2009 by journalist Ofer Vardi.

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